Deer Friend

I read this article in our local newspaper and what this writer witnessed

needs to be recognized—

Friday, May 30, 2008

On Thursday morning, on one of my many walks to the Ludington lighthouse, I spotted what appeared to be two large dogs walking out on the south pier. As I neared the lighthouse, I saw that they were actually two deer who jumped into the water and began swimming west.

A lone fisherman who saw their plight pulled in his fishing gear and headed out to where the deer’s heads were barely visible between the waves. He skillfully got them turned around and pushed them on a steady path back toward the pierheads. One deer appeared to be near drowning as his head ducked beneath the water surface for an instant, but both of them were able to climb out of the water onto the south pier. They took a few seconds to gain steady footing, and began a long slow trot back to the safety of shore.

My thanks go out to this unidentified fisherman for performing an act of kindness that may have gone unnoticed on most other mornings. After the incident, he went back to fishing and I’ll bet nothing he might catch would top this fishing story played out on a beautiful Ludington May morning.

— Gary Grams